I TRULY AM MORE than just an escort!

"What's the problem with the money? You got 'em, You give 'em! You need 'em, You get 'em!" Samantha, from Sex & The City

I am the type of Luxury Companion built for low volume - long lasting clientele - Quality before quantity : “upscale” isn’t found in the value of your wardrobe, but the quality of your character and kind gestures. 

I'm a professional in the wellness field and alongside with my daytime job I stand out as the quintessential top escort on the few occasions when I cater a unique alternative between an average entertainer to have fun with and a genuine massage expert, with empathy and affection.  And my concept is, of course, a higher caliber private time different than any basic body rub.

As a modern companion ​my time does require compensation and the donation I get is simply for the naturist massage time and companionship, and anything else that may happen is a matter of personal choice and personal preference between two or more consenting adults of a legal age, and is not compensated for in any manner. 

Cash preferred. I also accept donations through PayPal  whether you have an account or not. Please let me know in advance the option chosen and it can be worked out accordingly by sending you details for the upfront payment. We shall not mention any compensation on my arrival if that ruins the mood, so we can be at ease and start enjoying each others company.

Optimal 1,5 hrs
EUR 500
Ultimate 4 hrs
EUR 1000
Packages & getaways?
Let's talk about the unclocked!
A very-long-range forecasting and favourable rates may well be possible and acceptable.